The Business Of SEO

Did you know that users of WordPress alone publish more than 2 million posts every single day? This means that there are about 24 different blog posts that appear online every second, which means that as you finish reading this paragraph here, more than 200 blog posts have already been published. Yes, the facts are right as research says so. So now, you can imagine the volume of information search engines is flooded within a day. This is the reason why a website needs SEO to help them stand out. SEO is that a huge business!

The business of SEO helps you be found and that is exactly what mail banger is all about. To understand the business of SEO, you need to understand the following facts regarding search and organic search.

  • Almost 93% of the web users have started out their first venture online by using a search engine.
  • Out of the total internet users, around 64% of the people use search engines locate things that they want to find online.
  • With every search from the above number of users, the target market appears.
  • Rather than searching using single words, more than 85% of the searchers use organic search to find things and then click on the organic results.
  • Organic search results have a more trust quotient and are more relevant than paid search results
  • Organic search results are the ones that provide maximum value with time while paid search results end up in loss of traffic the moment you stop paying.
  • 75% of web users stop looking at search results on page 1. Only a few of the users go past the search results on page 1.

Thus, investing in the business of SEO is beneficial as it costs less than 60% of the marketing costs when compared to the traditional methods.


Writing unique and innovative content is a great skill and art. It takes your valuable time and hard work to put in some great content. To boost your SEO ratings get the best content and increase traffic.

There are very creative agencies that help you in getting great online content. London has very creative agencies who give the best online content.

Some ingredients to make the online content great:

  1. Make content with your original contents. Don’t replicate any content or ideas. Copying any content will just put you down to the bottom. Be creative and put across if any relevant content you have. Don’t just say because you have to say something.
  2. It is necessary to have strong and interesting headlines. Majority of the readers focus on the headlines. Only about 10-15% of people actually read the content. A good headline creates a spark in the readers and boosts your SEO ranking.
  3. The content should give the users ideas of how to use and apply the supplied information. It gives them assurance on how best they can use the material and information provided.
  4. The ultimate goal of any search engine is to provide adequate answers. And to add, the answers should be available fast. So the article should be made easily so that the essence is delivered while just scanning through it quickly.
  5. The information provided should be accurate and linked to the source from where it is derived. The source should b genuine and checked for accuracy before posing it in the online websites. Accuracy and uniqueness creates trust with your readers.
  6. The content should be thought provoking. The introduction should create an interest in people and thus force people to read it. An anecdote can be used and that adds weight age and sparks comments. Thus the SEO ranking will be boosted. Contents should be short but thought provoking. Repeated updates are required to give the best.
  7. The best way to communicate is by using audios and videos.

To make any content great it requires item and hard work. Proper title, grammar and content organization are a must to make it great.

What Is Google SEO?

In the internet today, you’re either with Google, or you’re out of touch. Google is the internet and literally every internet-based activity has a Google version – email, messenger, video sharing, social media, web browser, computers, smartphones. To be at the top of a Google search means that your website has nothing left to achieve except to stay at the top of this listing. Like Wikipedia has.

Guide to Google SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the definitive way in which websites are constructed these days. If a website is not search engine optimized then they lose on visitors and growth. A website that is ranked on Google search and then moves up those rankings is the one that is making progress.

Here are  some basics on getting your website optimized for Google SEO:

  • Research your keywords – a keyword is what enables a search algorithm to help pick up web content for a user’s search query. For instance, if a user searches for “hair styler India”, then these three words must be present, in a relevant context in a website in order for the content to be displayed.
  • On-page optimization – the goal is the top listing in a search query. This has to be done without your content seeming like spam. Researching your keywords beforehand and compiling a list of words for your website will work for you.

Where to put your keywords?

If you have a list of keywords that will help rank your website, the next step is to write content that features these keywords. The keywords need to be placed in such a way that the search engine lists your site on detecting the keyword.

  • Body of the article – this one is fairly obvious
  • Title of your article – The title must be written in a way that innocuously incorporates your keyword, this will help your rankings a great deal
  • Subheads – while these might not seem like important aspects of an article, a subhead that’s optimized will greatly improve your visibility
  • Meta Title – this is the title that appears in the search listing – when you use a keyword in the meta title, the user is drawn to your content
  • Meta description – this 166 character description is what gives a user a summary of what’s in your site, this better be optimized!