The Complete Process Of Social Media Likes

Have you ever wondered how social media actually works? Why some posts get more likes than the others? Are all of those likes and comments authentic?

When you see certain posts that cater to a particular segment of the people, you see how the “likes” are more in number from the target audience. it is not very difficult and you can do so too.

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How Does This Work

Wondering how these Likes actually work and why you need them? Read on to know more about the complete process:

When you post a photo, you do so to share. You want people around you to know about it. When people “like” your post, it means they have seen what you have posted and like it. This makes your post popular and shows up more.

The more the number of people liking it, the more times it will show up on other people’s feeds. This is because; the post is kept active with newer likes and comments. When a post is kept active, it is more visible and does not get buried under other posts and updates.

So, when you target a particular section of the population for your business that caters to them you need them to see it. When you tag a person or a page related to your business or post, it shows up on their wall and people following them or on their friend’s list will see it. This increases the visibility of your posts.

When people search for something specific that is related to your product, service or your business, your post will show up. As it has been made popular with a large number of views and likes, this acts as a marketing tool and gets you more potential customers.