The Ins And Outs Of Social Media Likes

Is social media a boon or a bane to our society today? Like everything else, there are both good and bad on social media too. A person’s popularity on a particular social media platform is judged by the number of likes they get for every post of the photo. There are many sources like Best smm panel that can help you get more followers and likes in no time.

Here are some good and bad about these likes

The Good

  • When you have a number of followers, you can create awareness by posting something good or useful to the society. Messages that otherwise do not reach people through advertisements or news can reach faster this way.
  • You can use this as a good marketing tool as it can help you filter and target specific groups. Everyone need not be disturbed by your advertisement.
  • You can find more potential customers by targeting all in a particular group. Also, these people are located in various parts of the world and they all can be reached at the same time, with the same intensity.
  • One can find a number of opportunities and ideas for a business venture. When you see many openings or people discussing a particular service or product, you may be hit with an idea for a business

The Bad

  • People are judged by their posts and the number of likes they get. If one does not have many followers or get too many likes for a particular post, they get depressed and it leads to more serious issues in the long run.
  • Getting likes on social media can be addictive, causing people to take extreme measures to get more likes. Many can be seen taking photos, just to post online.
  • People forget real-time relationships and face to face communication. They are in touch with a million followers but do not know any of them personally. They forget the people physically present in their lives, for those who are present in their virtual lives.

Top Tips For Youtubers And Increasing Subscribers

People like to share a lot of things online. Be it personal or for professional gains. There are Video bloggers too, better known as Vloggers. The most used platform for this purpose is Youtube.

One’s videos are considered a success based on the number of views and like the video gets. To attract more viewers, one needs to have more followers, so that they are automatically notified, every time a new video is posted.

One is always looking to increase their subscribers so that they can become more famous on Youtube. Here are few tips to increase those subscribers:


Plan your videos well in advance. There has to be a clear plan as to what will be telecasted and shared on your channel. Though one is free to post anything of their choice, if it is not going to fit into a particular genre, it will be difficult to have a good number of subscribers. This is because people subscribe t those channels they think will telecast content to their liking.


Write scripts for your videos. This ensures you stick to what your video was intended for. When you talk extempore, you will tend to veer off the main track and this can discourage viewers from subscribing. When you have a script and stick to the main objective of the video, they look more professional and will attract more viewers.


Ensure the content is highly engaging. This is one of the most basic requirements, because no one is going to watch those videos unless they are interesting. Ensure you plan out well in advance and produce a video that is not only informative but is engaging to the target audience as well.


Frequency at which you upload videos is important. When you have subscribers, they wan tot see regular updates on the channels of their interest. To keep up with this interest, the channels have to post frequently, else the subscribers may leave.